engine assembly lube hp
Product Description

MPZ Engine Assembly Lube HP is favored by professional mechanics for assembling valvetrain components. MPZ Engine Assembly Lube HP is a heavier version of MPZ Engine Assembly Lube featuring higher load carrying ability and extended lube film protection. Provides severe anti-wear, anti-friction and anti-scuff protection on cam lobes, lifters and other highly stressed valvetrain components. MPZ Engine Assembly Lube HP is completely oil soluble. Previously known as MPZ Cam Lube.

Features & Benefits
- Heavier version of MPZ Assembly Lube
- Completely oil soluble
- Increases protection during break-in
- Reduces frictional values
- Excellent adhesion properties to stay on
and protect parts
- Bright red color
- Available Sizes: 1 Oz., 5 Oz.

MPZ Engine Assembly Lube HP
EAL hp
High Pressure EAL
5 oz. tube

1 oz. tube

Engine Assembly Lube Typical Uses


Recommended for all high pressure points, including cam lobes, lifters bearings, and valve train components. Protects surfaces from scuffing, galling and wear during start-up.

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