grease grease multi-purpose waterproof

Product Description

Torco Multi-Purpose Waterproof Grease is a lithium complex grease formulated to offer superior lubricating qualities in a wide range of automotive and powersport applications. Excellent waterproofing, shock load protection, extreme temperature stability and anti-rust protection. Multi-Purpose Waterproof Grease is buttery smooth and easy to apply.

Features & Benefits
- Lithium complex technology
- For bearings, linkages and seals
- Protects against rust and oxidation
- Resists high shock loads and heat
- Buttery smooth and easy to apply
- Available Sizes: 8 Fluid Oz.

grease multi-purpose waterproof
Multi-Purpose and Waterproof
8 oz. tube

Waterproof Grease Typical Uses

grease multi-purpose waterproof

Recommend for all bearing, linkage, pivot and chassis lubrication found on motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, marine and personal watercraft application. Compatible with all seal materials.

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