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Tim Grey Racing

Torco products used: Engine: SR-5 0w20 • Trans: RTF

2018 season which was OGS HDAY at Maryland International Raceway

best honda oil There was a great turnout of racers and spectators. Track was packed despite the weather forecast.

Debuting the new car at this race we were all hoping everything would go smooth and according to plan and it did just that!

First pass right off the trailer the car ran a new personal best at an OGS event of a 9.63@139. I ended up qualifying number 3 out of a 15 car field. Our field was very tight with a lot of fast cars. We were very pleased with our qualifying position with having a new car that never raced yet.

First round I faced off against class new comer Jay Panela from Marsh Tuning. The car stayed consistent and I got the win with a 9.64@139 to his 11.05@131.

Second round I went up against Alex Pagan from Humble Performance. This was a very tight race. I was able to get a slight advantage on the start line by .060 and ended up winning on a hole shot with a 9.65@140 to his 9.63@140. best honda oil

Semi finals I had to face off against Adrian Alicia from Prayoonto Racing. He had the advantage off the line but my car ended up having the best short track time of the weekend which put me out in front but unfortunately I had a shift mechanism problem which prevented me from getting it into 4th gear so I lost that round.

All in all having a semi final round finish with consistent 9.6s all weekend with this new car is very satisfying and promising.

Looking forward to getting back out there. I want to thank you for your support it is very much appreciated.

OGS1320 Fast Fest Live at Englishtown Raceway NJ

best honda oil We had a 12 car field this weekend and I qualified number 4 with a 9.90 @ 136. We had a pretty close field with number 1 qualifier running a 9.82.

1st round of eliminations I was paired up with Erin Pugliese from Low Budget Tuning/4piston with her monster Bseries hatchback. This is where I ran my quickest pass of the weekend which was also the quickest pass of the class that weekend at a 9.78 @ 135 to her 10.59 @ 129.

2nd round I went up against Brandon Jefferson from Low Budget Tuning/4Piston. Brandon and I always have close races every time we pair up. Some of my closest races have been against this man. And another close one it was. I ended up winning the round on a hole shot with my 9.829 @ 135 to his 9.821 @ 138. It was a pretty exciting round for our team and we were looking forward to running the semi final round and to push to get back to back wins.

Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans. It rained on and off basically all day long and the track had to be dried and prepped multiple times which delayed the day. So the last time it rained before semi final round it was too close to curfew so the event got called due to the rain.

We're excited the car is running consistent and looking forward to getting back out there for the next event.

Tim Grey

World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway.

Tim Grey honda civic Racing This is the biggest race of the year for both the import and domestics. The competition is the best we face all year. We had a total of 27 cars come out for our class. The top ten cars qualified from 9.46-9.75 so the field was very tight.

My car was very consistent this weekend qualifying number 7 with a 9.63@143 which was a new personal best for this event. Other qualifying passes were two 9.67 passes and a 9.68.

First round I had to face off with number 22 qualifier Dan Morgan in his Honda Civic. He ended up breaking before the burn out so I had a bye. I didn't make a full pass to save the car for next round.

Second round I was up against number 8 qualifier Shane Stymiest in his Ford Mustang who qualified with a 9.65 so I knew it would be a tight race. We had a nice little staging dual on the line before we took off. I ended up losing the race with a 9.622 to his 9.620. It was a very close race which we anticipated. Tim Grey honda civic Racing

So we walked away with another new personal best at this event and was able to drive the car back on the trailer which is a plus.

We are already looking forward to next season and how we can improve on our program. We might possibly be building a new chassis to use for next year as my current one has over 10 years of racing on it.

I can't thank you enough for the support you have given me and being apart of our program!

I will be sending photos from this event along with some other photos from earlier in the year.

Thanks again!
Tim Grey

OGS Spring Nationals at Englishtown Raceway Park April 30-May 1st.

Tim Grey Racing The first qualifier we picked up right where we left off from Honda Day running a 9.80 @ 137 off the trailer.

2nd round qualifier we improved a little by running a 9.77 @ 139. We ended up qualifying number 3 overall. So we were pleased with the results from the changes we made on the car between races.

Unfortunately it rained all day on Sunday so we were not able to get any racing in so they had to cancel the event. They postponed it to 2 weeks which was this past weekend May 15th.

They gave everyone another qualifier Sunday morning. I ran a 9.81 @ 137. I ended up getting bumped to number 4 qualifier.

1st round I had to face long time competitor Marc Podkowik from GP1racing. We both qualified with a 9.77 so we knew it would be a tight race as it always is between us. I had the advantage off the start line but right at the very end he ended up coming around me beating me by .012 of a second with his 9.75 to my 9.86.

Next race is HondaDay at Zmax in North Carolina June 11-12. We are looking to keep our points lead in the Honda Day championship series. I will be sending another email with pictures from this past race.

Thanks for your continued support!

Tim Grey

OGS Honda Day at Englishtown Raceway Park

Tim Grey Racing It was such a draining weekend physically and mentally. To start off Mother Nature was not on our side on Saturday and all of Saturday was canceled due to rain and high winds. So all of qualifying and eliminations was crammed into one day on Sunday.

1st round of qualifying I went out and broke an axle on the line. Not only did the axle break but it also destroyed the hub and wheel bearing. Luckily for me I was able to borrow axles and hubs from my good friend who's weekend was cut short.

As for 2nd round qualifying after fixing the car I'm driving up to the lanes and hear clunking noise coming from the transmission. So from the axle breakage it must have also damaged the transmission. At this point we did not have enough time to fix it and I wasn't qualified yet. So we drove it up to the line, staged the car and broke the beams so we could qualify and went right back to the pit and got to work on pulling out the transmission. Once again lucky for me we borrowed the trans from the same car we borrowed the axles from to get up and running.

1st round eliminations was my first pass of the day. We were able to put down a 9.84 @ 141 to take the win and to move onto the next round.

This time qualifying last had a slight advantage and allowed me to have a bye in the second round. We took a pass for data and ran a 9.98 @ 141.

Next round which was the semi finals we faced Marc Podkowik from GP1racing. We were able to pull off the win running a 10.07 @ 139 and Marc had issues.

In the final round we faced off against Brandon Jefferson. He must have been a little anxious and pulled a red light. We ran a 9.93 @ 141 to take the win!

We are excited to get the first win of the season while over coming the issues we fought all day and to take the points lead to start out is awesome. We have some changes we want to try for the next race and we are looking forward to getting back out there.


Tim Grey

OGS fall nationals at Englishtown raceway park

Tim Grey honda civic Racing We recently picked up some horsepower with some new Drag Cartel cams so we were excited to see what the car would run with the added power and it paid off. First qualifier right off the trailer the car went 9.93@137. So off to a good start and we were excited. The second qualifier we went 9.89@138 which is a new personal best for the OGS series and almost a new personal best overall.

First round I had to face Brandon Jefferson from 4Piston. The race was very close and margin of victory was .0024 but unfortunately he pulled a killer light with an .005 to my .056 light and I lost the race with a 10.02@136 to his 10.07@134. The field was very tight with the top 7 cars qualified with a 9.72-9.93.

Our next race is the world famous World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway Nov.6-Nov.8. We will be back on the Dyno trying to squeeze a few more HP out of her and also adding some aerodynamic features to the car to see if we can pick up a little ET.

Thank you for your continued support

Tim Grey

OGS Summer Slam

The weather was not on our side this weekend. It rained all day Saturday, so the qualifying was canceled. It rained most of the morning Sunday which delayed us, but we were able to squeeze in one round of qualifying.

I qualified number 2 with a 10.27@134. First round I had to face Cody Novak from TAE Auto Parts. I took the round win with a 10.18@134 to his 10.55@132. I ended up having a bye the next round which put me into the finals. In the finals I had to face the number 1 qualifier and long time rival, Loan Prayoonto from Prayoonto Racing. I knew I would need the advantage at the light which I was able to get with my 0.033 light to her 0.176 but unfortunately it was not enough to hold her off. I ran a 10.22@134 to her 9.91@140.

Our next race is OGS Honda Day on August 8-9 at Englishtown Raceway Park. I'm looking forward to getting back out there and making some improvements.

Thank you for your continued support!

Tim Grey

Honda Day at Zmax in North Carolina.

First off this facility was amazing! Top notch and just an awesome layout all around. The weather was against us this weekend with temps getting in the upper 90s and it being very humid. I qualified number 3 with a 10.31@133mph. We were fighting some gremlins this weekend with the motor and our O2 sensor. First round I had to face off with the number 4 qualifier Donnie Scott in his impressive H-series Crx. Fighting our issues the car was off pace and unfortunately I got eliminated with a 10.4@130 to his 10.3@132. We are trying to get these issues figured out before our next race which is OGS Summer Slam on June 27/28.

Thanks for your continued support! It is greatly appreciated.

Tim Grey

Age: 32
Hometown: Somerset, NJ
Sponsors: Torco Oil, Drag Cartel, RS-Tech, Eat Sleep Race, K-tuned, ERL Performance, Myers Competition Manifolds, AEM Electronics, SuperTech, JE Pistons, Competition Clutch, Tri State Motorsports, Kingz of Kickz, DP Race Parts, JR Photography, Wrap Specialties.

Career Achievements: 2014: 3 runner up finishes out of 6 races, One 3rd place finish.
2012: 2 runner up finishes out of 6 races, Event coverage in August and September issues of Honda Tuning Magazine, Finished 3rd in OGS points series.
2011: Two 1st place finishes out of 6 races, One 2nd place finish, One 3rd place finish, Finished 2nd in the OGS points series.
2010: Two 1st place finishes, Three 2nd place finishes, Two 3rd place finishes, 2nd Quickest in All Motor Street Class 10.24 @ 132, Multiple event coverage in magazines such as Honda Tuning and Import Tuner, #3 on Honda Tuning Magazine's list of top all motor racers (August 2010 Issue)
2009: Winner of 1st Annual National All Motor Shootout, Featured Article in Oct. 2009 issue of Dsport Magazine, Best Appearing Car Award at 1st Annual National All Motor Shootout.
2008: Carrer High 14 races, 2008 Quickest All Motor Street National Record 10.560 @ 128.75, Six 1st place finishes, Five Runner up finishes, Five #1 qualifiers, NHRA/NOPI Pure Street Class Points Leader, Atco Raceway All Motor Street class record 10.666 @ 129.77, Englishtown Raceway Park All Motor Street track record 10.560 @ 128.75.
2007: Best Appearing car award at NHRA fall nationals at Englishtown Raceway Park.
2006: Three 1st place finishes, Two 2nd place finishes, captured his first NHRA Wally at Fall Nationals Englishtown, Finished 2nd in points for NHRA Street Stock Class.

Team: Tim Grey Racing
Crew Chief: Jake Gavio & Randy Schoener
Vehicle: 1994 Honda Civic Hatchback
Engine: Drag Cartel built Honda K24
Best E.T.- 9.89
Best Speed- 137mph

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