Piranios Antique Automotive

Piranios Antique Automotive

Torco products used: Engine: TR-1r

Piranios Antique Automotive


Car Facts
Our car is a Blown Vintage Fuel Altered Coupe, 1929 Model A Ford. The car was built entirely in our shop in Denton,Texas by Dennis & Beth Piranio and Craig Arden. The car features a Funny car style roll cage, custom aluminum interior, Quick change rear axle assembly & a Model A Ford engine built by Piranio's Antique Automotive that delivers 350 horsepower @ 4400 RPM on a 20% Nitro Methane-Methanol Alcohol fuel mixture. We ran 120.641 on our record run. This makes us the fastest MODEL A FORD powered MODEL A FORD Coupe in the world! Piranios Antique Automotive

The car features a hand formed aluminum interior & a custom billet aluminum gauge holder to create a Model A feel to the dash.

The rules in the Vintage Altered Class require the original frame. For safety we constructed a Funny Car style chasis inside of the original frame and adapted a Top Fuel bellhousing to enclose the custom aluminum flywheel & clutch assembly.

Our 2017 version Model A Ford engine runs on Nitro Methane & Methanol Alcohol and produces 350 horsepower at 4400 rpm!

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