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Johnathon Shaw

Johnathon Shaw

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Johnathon Shaw, 11 years old and have been racing for 3 years.

Local highlights:
2009 P.R.O. Northwest Nationals MX series... 65cc open 1st place champion, 65cc C 2nd place.
2009 AMA Amateur days at Washougal... 65cc 10-11 1st place and 65cc 7-11 open 1st place.

National results:
2009 Dodge Amateur National 65cc 10-11 stock 13th overall and 65cc 10-11 mod 11th overall
2010 NMA WORLD MINI'S 85cc thru 11 stock 20th overall and 85cc thru 11 mod 18th overall.

Goals for 2010 to win the P.R.O Junior class. and to qualify for the Ponca City and Loretta Lynn nationals

Gallery (click on the image to enlarge):


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