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DJ Hills

DJ Hills

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About the Drive:

4 May 10
DJ has been training and practicing very heavily. He had his first intermediate race last weekend and did ok considering he had some sort of a virus. We were in Richland, Wa for round 3 and 4 of the PRO Series and it was a full house, 30 racers in DJs class, full gate. In the 250B class he finished 18th overall. He crashed on the start in his second moto and managed to work his way up 10 positions from dead last. He did a little better in the college boy class, finishing 6th overall. Sunday he wasn’t able to race due to a high fever. He still plans to qualify for Loretta Lynns and we see we have some work to do, but it is manageable. I do believe DJ is headed back to So. Cal next week with Nathan Whitlow to do some suspension testing with RG3. We are going to work harder than ever this year to help DJ achieve his goals and having an ama pro at our side is proving to be the piece of the puzzle we were missing. Thanks for the support. Note the “Torco” on the fork guards, sweet. Thanks again.

Gallery (click on the image to enlarge):

DJ Hills spring training 2010

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