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Oil used in the Snowmobile: SSO
23 Jun 11

Ashley Updates us:

I had a had great season and wanted to thank you again for all your support!!
Stoked to have Torco as a sponsor and really love riding for you guys!
I'm already getting fired up for 2012 and want Torco to be a big part of it!
Hope you have a fun summer!
Keep me in the loop with all the new haps with Torco.
Talk to you soon!

Ashley is currently the only extreme female snowmachiner pushing the guys to their limits. She has appeared in 8 worldwide distributed movies as well as shows on TRU TV. She was the first female to ever hit a ramp at competition level as well as being the first female to ever appear in a mens extreme snowmobile film. She has taken the Alaska state womens pro title in 2006, 2008 & 2009, runner up in 2010 along with coming in 3rd for the mens semi-pro class. She has competed in the Mayors Cup 150K coming in first in 2008 & 2009 runner up in 2010 and competed in the Arctic Man ski and Snogo Classic pulling Kim Peterson and coming in second in 2007 

Ashley Says:

"Last season was awesome! I decided to film as much as possible and really started to push my limits as a backcountry rider! Racing has always been a blast and I have accomplished a lot from it, but knowing that I can accomplish more in the backcountry gave me a new drive and feeling I just cant describe! My goals for this upcoming season are to take in everything I have learned between the two and really show how far my limits can go! I may decided to do a couple races, but my main focus is backcountry and possibly start hitting ramps again! I want to be in several films this season and with AMDS hooking me up with the new 2011 800 Backcountry x Etec I'm stoked to see what I can accomplish! I'm just healing up from a broken foot and should be able to ride in a couple weeks! Perfect timing in Alaska!!!"



Ashley on her new Ski-Doo 800 E-Tec at Seward, Lost Lake Ashley Chaffin in the snow






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